Penn and Angela

Penn and Angela are among iSightCornwall’s longest serving volunteers, having joined us almost 20 years ago.

Penn was a physiotherapist in London for 35 years before developing a thrombosis in his left eye which forced him to retire and, being a Cornishman, he decided to move back to the county. After registering his sight impairment Penn received a phone call from iSightCornwall (or Cornwall Blind Association as it was then known) and was given information about all the services he could benefit from. It was not long after this that Penn began volunteering for the charity.

“I wanted to give something back to the charity for being so kind to me so, using my experience as a physiotherapist, I devised some chair exercises that people living with sight loss could do at home. I would visit visually impaired clubs to demonstrate the exercises but being visually impaired myself I needed someone to drive me from place to place and that’s how I got to know Angela!”

After retiring as a nursery manager, Angela didn’t want to stay at home twiddling her thumbs so when some friends asked if she could run some craft sessions at a visually impaired club in Truro she was more than happy to help out. It was here that Penn and Angela met. Angela would drive Penn to and from the club as well as taking him to other clubs to give demonstrations and before long they had become a volunteering duo for iSightCornwall.

Now Penn and Angela, who have just celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary, are key volunteers at our Hospital Information Desk at Treliske. They chat with patients waiting in the Eye Clinic, offering support and information at what can be a difficult and emotional time for them. Their calm, pleasant and approachable manner is welcomed by both patients and staff alike and has contributed significantly to the success of the Hospital Information Desk.

“I love meeting people and getting to know the patients.” Said Angela. “It gives us such pleasure to know that we are supporting people at a difficult time for them. I would recommend volunteering to everyone.”

The commitment and enthusiasm Penn and Angela show is evident in everything they do on behalf of iSightCornwall. They are fantastic ambassadors for the charity and their contribution as volunteers is highly valued.

A donation, however small, can change someone's life. Thank you for your support.

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