Michael – Porthscatho

Michael from Porthscatho has been registered blind for many years, during which time his sight has steadily deteriorated and he now has very little vision at all. He applied for the Inspiring Futures Fund after being shown the Samsung Galaxy smartphone with Synapptic Software at the Penzance Community drop-in event. Michael said: “My family and friends have always been hugely supportive but I would like to be able to deal with more day to day things on my own such as making phone calls, sending emails and searching the internet. I have never owned a mobile phone before because I found that they all rely on you having at least a small amount of vision to be able to use them. But this phone is fantastic; you don’t need to have any vision to be able to use it. I don’t need to rely on anyone else to help me use it and that has made a huge difference to my independence.”

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