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As one of the oldest charities in Cornwall, we’ve worked with hundreds of organisations over the years to help local people living with sight loss.

Whether you are looking for a local charity of the year to support or advice on engaging with your visually impaired customers, we’ll help your organisation make a real difference to the lives of blind and partially sighted people in Cornwall.


Sight loss awareness training

There are 22,000 people in Cornwall living with sight loss and over two million nationwide. Any number of these people could be your customers or employees. Our sight loss awareness training will give you a greater understanding of the needs of people with visual impairments and the confidence to communicate and engage with them more effectively.

All of our training is tailored to suit your needs. We will work with you to gain an understanding of your requirements and deliver a bespoke training package for your organisation.

Employing someone with a visual impairment

At iSightCornwall, we can support you to become a more accessible and inclusive employer.

Three-quarters of registered blind and partially sighted people who are of working age are not in employment. But that needn’t be the case. Some of the biggest barriers disabled jobseekers face are the misconceptions about what they can and cannot do. Some of the most common misconceptions include the perceived cost of workplace adjustments and the fear of other people in the workplace doing or saying the wrong thing.

We offer training and advice that covers the whole recruitment process from advertising a post through to interviews and beyond so that you can become a disability-confident employer.

We can also help you to support your valued employees if their circumstances change. Making reasonable adjustments for an experienced, skilled employee who has acquired an impairment can be far more beneficial for you than recruiting and training new staff.

Charity of the year

This is a great way to bring staff together in a fun and rewarding way over a meaningful period of time. We can work with you to create a bespoke programme which could include engaging presentations and motivational workshops, fun blind-football, blind-fold challenges and so much more.

Employee fundraising and volunteering

Encourage employees to be actively involved with iSightCornwall and create a reward scheme or league board. Celebrate those that give a few hours of their time or raise a target amount through challenges for example; running a marathon or running a cake stall. Our volunteer opportunities include: driving a visually impaired person, manning a hospital desk, running a store collection and supporting events.

Matched giving

Topping up the amount your employee raises can significantly boost donations, demonstrate how you value staff and promote your company further in the media.

Payroll giving

Payroll Giving is a simple way for your employees to donate to a nominated charity through their salary.

Collection tins

We can provide a number of collection tins for your reception areas. Even the smallest amount of change can make the world of difference.

Your services

Maybe your company has a service to offer, training or specialist advice that would be beneficial to people living with sight loss in Cornwall?

Next steps…

If you would like to get involved, please contact Carole Theobald on 01872 261110 for more information.

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A donation, however small, can change someone's life. Thank you for your support.

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