Everyday living

We sell a variety of affordable gadgets designed to make everyday living easier for people with visual impairments.

From Bumpons and talking clocks to USB players and video magnifiers, we have a wide range on offer. Come along to our Sight Centre shop in Truro or go to our online shop to have a browse.

We also sell a selection of stock at our many events around the county, making it easier for people across Cornwall to find what they need.

Independent living

Our independent living kitchen, also at the Sight Centre, is stocked with the latest equipment designed to remove barriers to cooking for anyone with a visual impairment.

We can offer equipment demonstrations as well as cookery workshops with guest chefs.

We also offer benefits advice, information on visually impaired clubs and activities in your area and support with assistive technology devices.


A donation, however small, can change someone's life. Thank you for your support.

Call us 01872 261110