After recently completing a QCF Level 2 course in Nutrition & Health, Aaron felt the course was inaccessible towards his needs. Aaron has experienced difficulty with his vision for many years due to his sight condition, Ocular Histoplasmosis, and found using an iPad for his studies was impractical. Some of the workload would cause him pain and discomfort, especially research, reading, and typing.

Through the Legacy Fund, Aaron received a laptop with Readit software and Scholar HD camera, and Supernova Magnifier and Speech software. Once Aaron had received his assistive technology equipment, he had said, “My new equipment has made a massive difference to me. It has given me the ability to study for longer without straining my eye. It has really helped towards my university course I have just finished.” Aaron is continuing his studies on the Level 3 course and obtaining a Degree.

Aaron’s new equipment has some really great features which have helped motivate him towards his studies. Aaron has explained he has “been able to read the screen with the supernova program” and “having the program read it to me has also helped a lot.”

“The new Samsung camera can zoom in to a whiteboard so when in class I can see what the tutor has written. My new laptop with Dolphin Supernova magnify and speech program is amazing it does so much, it magnifies what’s on the screen without it going blurry. It also reads out what’s on the screen. You can easily change the zoom or how fast the computer reads out your work.”

“It has inspired me to go to university next year and do my degree in Child Nutrition. Now I can study for longer meaning I can learn at a normal pace. There are loads of good things about the software but I think the best thing is the HD camera, being able to sit in class and read the whiteboard.”

“I would love to add how amazing iSightCornwall has been and all the help they have given me I could not have got his far without them.”

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