Christopher – Porthleven

Christopher completely lost his sight over ten years ago through diabetes. He used to go everywhere with his guide dog but then he moved house and he couldn’t take his dog with him. Without knowing his way around the new area, Christopher lost all his confidence and now he never leaves the house on his own.

Christopher applied for a new laptop through the fund to help him feel less isolated at home. He said: “Since moving house and having to give up my guide dog I’ve stopped going out on my own. I used to be confident to head off into town with my dog but now that I live in Porthleven I don’t know my way around and lots of the roads don’t have pavements so I don’t feel safe to leave the house. I also used to have a garden which I could potter about in but I don’t have one in my new house.

“Having access to the internet is making a huge difference to me. The laptop is set up to be accessible for people like me with no sight. So now I can send and receive e-mails, do online shopping and search the internet which gives me plenty to do at home. I’m also going to start some online courses in English and Maths which could give me a chance to get a job in the future.

“Being able to do all these things now is a big step up for me and will help me build up my confidence again.”

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