Claire P – St Columb

Claire used the fund to put towards the cost of a college course which will help boost her career prospects and prevent her from having to rely on her husband or the benefits system for money as her sight deteriorates.

Claire said: “After being diagnosed with Usher Syndrome at 23 years old and having to give up my driving licence (which felt to me like my independence) I’ve been cruising along with my head in the sand about my future and have been too afraid to leave my village without support. Now I’m registered as severely sight impaired and have a family that I want to help support financially. So I needed to make plans to make this happen.

“With the help of iSightCornwall’s Inspiring Futures Fund I’ve started a course that will enable me to continue in employment as my sight worsens. I’ve even caught the bus on my own for the first time since being diagnosed. Thank you iSightCornwall for making me feel more independent and more like the old me. You don’t know how much it means to me.”

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