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Hoby from Penryn is a self-employed sound engineer. Before applying for the fund he had to rely on his support worker to help him with the administrative tasks for his business as he is registered as severely sight impaired. Hoby received a grant to put towards a MacBook Pro which has given him access to industry standard software and is helping him grow his business.

Hoby said: “The best thing about having the MacBook Pro is the independence it’s given me. It has built in accessibility software which means I can now use a computer to do my accounts and reply to clients myself.

“As a sound engineer, one of the key pieces of equipment for my job is the mixing desk which controls the levels of different instruments through the main PA system at a show. Over the past few years, digital mixing desks have become a lot more popular, and while this is fantastic as they contain a lot more power, this presents a few problems to me with my sight loss. The biggest of these being that they nearly all have touch screens to perform key aspects of operation which effectively render the desk unusable to me.

“With the MacBook its now not only possible to relay the information on the mixing desks screen to my MacBook so I can use its magnification software to be able to see the information displayed, but it is now possible to hook my MacBook up to any mixing desk, even the ones with touch screens and operate them from an accessible platform. This has opened up a whole new world of possibilities within my job, as in the past I’ve had to literally turn away jobs just because I’d be unable to use the mixing desk.

“This is another step, a big step to helping the sight problem feel less like a problem. So many things are now possible. It’s already become a huge part of day to day life and is helping me to achieve independence.”

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