Jane – Truro

Jane from Truro has worked as an administrator for the NHS in for nearly 20 years but after being diagnosed with Retinitus Pigmentosa 10 years ago, she decided to train as a Therapeutic Counsellor so that she could continue to support herself in a career in which she wouldn’t need her sight. Jane received a Synapptic mobile phone through the Inspiring Futures Fund to assist her with her work as a counsellor but also to help her live more independently.

“As I live alone I feel a mobile is my lifeline, it makes me feel less isolated. My old mobile phone was very basic and temperamental but I was putting off looking for a new one, not just for financial reasons but because of the effort in finding one with the right features for my needs.

“With my new phone I can not only speak to clients but also access my emails, make notes and connect to the internet when I’m way from home. It has helped me gain confidence and feel professional in my newly established part-time counselling business. I feel no different from my peers despite my sight issues.

“I am very grateful to iSightCornwall for giving me this opportunity and I feel that it is not just me who will benefit from the fund; my clients will benefit as a result too.”

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