Norah – Falmouth

At the age of 61, Norah lost her sight literally overnight as the result of a rare symptom of polymyalgia. She developed jaw ache, particularly when chewing, and sore eyes which she put down to tiredness and stress but in fact she had giant cell arteritis and this is what caused her to lose her sight. She applied for a Synapptic tablet through the fund in order to help her regain her independence.

“I have always worked and been extremely independent. Losing my sight came as a great shock to me and has had a massive impact on my life. I have good support from my family but I don’t want to feel dependent on them for everything. It is important for me to regain and maintain my independence.

“Having the tablet is helping me to do that. I can now read my own post, send emails, and search the internet using the voice control. It even helps me in the kitchen as I can take a photo of the cooking instructions and it will read them back to me.

“I have been living with my sister ever since losing my sight but it won’t be long until I go back home and I’ll be living on my own again. Having the tablet gives me the confidence to do that. It is changing my life day by day.”

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