#TechTuesday – Breville Hot Cup

December 6, 2016 4:16 pm

For our latest edition of #TechTuesday our Customer Services Officer, Dom reviews the Hot Cup from Breville.


• What does the product do?

The Breville Hot Cup is a hot water dispenser that allows you to boil and dispense water at the touch of a button.  The product is four times faster than the standard kettle.

• Is the product easy to use?

Simply fill the device with water and turn on.  Hot water is now ready at a press of a button!

• Is is a high quality product?

The product is from a very well respected manufacturer and has been made using very high quality parts.

• Who is the product aimed at?

The product is aimed at anybody who would like boiling water at a touch of a button.  It can hold up to four cups so it suitable for families who enjoy a cup of tea or coffee.  The product is especially suitable for disabled individuals who may have trouble lifting and operating a standard kettle.  By not having to lift heavy, boiling water the chances of burns or scalding is drastically reduced.  I can imagine that the Hot Cup would also come in handy in a small professional kitchen.

• What alternatives are available, and how do they measure up?

There are several alternatives on the market including other models from Breville.  The alternatives also do a good job however I believe for the price that this model is the best choice.

• Is the product worth the money?

I believe that the product is definitely worth the money.  it is very well built, does it’s job very quickly and is a lot safer to operate than a standard kettle.  I believe that disabled individuals will get the most value for their money.


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Dominic Hall, Customer Services Officer at iSightCornwall


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