#TechTuesday – Sonic USB Stick Player Review

July 12, 2016 8:38 am

For our first edition  of #TechTuesday our Customer Services Officer, Dom reviews the Sonic USB Stick Player from Kings Audio:


• What does the product do?

The Sonic is an MP3 talking book player. It can play any MP3 that has been stored onto a USB memory stick and can also act as a Bluetooth speaker.


• How much does the product cost?

We are selling the Sonic in our shop at £32.


• Is the product easy to use?

Extremely. It has one control button on the front for the volume and on/off. There are three buttons on the top for pausing and skipping tracks. It is very portable and can be taken from room to room with ease.


• Is it of a high quality?

Yes, the Sonic is a very high quality product and is manufactured in the UK using locally sourced materials.


• Who is the product aimed at?

Anyone interested in talking books or who enjoys listening to music.


• What are the pros and cons of the product?

The Sonic is extremely portable with a high sound quality and great battery life (5 hours).

It is difficult to think of any cons as it does what it does really well however if the model is redesigned I would like to see a radio feature added.


• What alternatives are available, and how do they measure up?

I believe the Sonic is the best choice compared to its alternatives. It is more portable than the “Sovereign” and less complicated than the “Daisy Player”. It has been a great replacement for the Boombox.


• Is the product worth the money?

Having bought one myself, definitely!


If you would like to know more about this device or for information on any of our other shop products please contact Dom on 01872 261110.


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