Outlook Spring 2017

We are proud to announce the release of the Spring 2017 edition of Outlook magazine, the iSightCornwall newsletter.

In the latest edition we will be bringing you the latest news and information about the work of the charity, details of clubs and activities available in your area, advice on how to maintain your independence with gadgets and technology and stories from our Inspiring Futures Fund.

Based on your feedback, we are aiming to provide Outlook in as many accessible ways as possible. If you are a member and have already requested Outlook on audio CD please look out for your copy in the post. Don’t worry it’s not too late to request Outlook on CD or even in large print format – just give us a call or email us at info@isightcornwall.org.uk

Listen to the audio version of Outlook below:


Outlook can also be downloaded in large 20 point print here: Outlook Spring 2017 PDF


In PDF format here: Outlook Spring 2017 20pp Version

We hope that you enjoy the latest edition of Outlook and welcome any feedback that you may have.

Previous Issues:

Autumn 2016


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