Anna’s determined and enthusiastic approach has never let her visual impairment stop her from getting on with daily life. Born with no right eye and a left eye that hadn’t grown properly, Anna has embraced technology, using gadgets and gizmos around the home to keep her on the go. Simple, everyday items that help the biggest tasks seem easier, Anna is able to focus more on the things she loves, like listening to audiobooks.

Anna’s conditions started at birth, with a coloboma, nystagmus and developing a cataract which is unable to be removed. “The best way to describe my vision is like a photograph that is out of focus.” Anna explained, “I can see, I can walk around, but it’s just that detail. I have to hold things so closely.”

She has found that aids around the home are helpful when it comes to those tasks that seem daunting at first. “Finding the tools to help you lead as independent a life as possible,” she explains. Anna uses kitchen appliances such as talking scales, a talking microwave, and a level indicator that she received from iSightCornwall to enjoy those little tasks again, helping her to focus on the more important things in life. “The more you can do, the more you want to do.”

The support and aids Anna has gained from iSightCornwall have helped her to find enjoyment in her own independence, confident and in control. “When everything feels a struggle you lose the will but with a few things that make life easier you just go on and do other things.”

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