Timothy – Penzance

Timothy, from Penzance, has lost the majority of his sight through complications related to long-term diabetes. He lives with the knowledge that one day he will lose his sight completely.

Timothy said: “My dad encouraged me to apply to the fund as he had done the same and knew that I was having issues with my phone. My new phone has a much larger screen and pre-installed software to make it easier to use such as adjustable text size, a magnifier, a high contrast option, a narrator and talking sat nav.  I can also connect it to the TV and use it like a computer which makes social media and e-mailing so much easier.

“Things that were a struggle before are now much more quick and easy for me to do which will help me to stay independent for longer.

“Since applying for the fund, I have become a member of iSightCornwall and have already received so much help. I was recently invited to a taster session at the Indoor Active climbing centre at Cornwall Services which was rather good fun. It was the first time I had been out with a volunteer driver and I was a bit nervous at first but I enjoyed the whole experience and I’m looking forward to going again.”


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