Our future

iSightCornwall aims to reach everyone in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly who are affected by sight loss and support them to lead active, independent and involved lives.

Our mission

Inspiring futures for people living with sight loss

Our vision

Empowering people with sight loss to make their own choices in leading active, independent and involved lives

Our values

. Respect of each other and our diversity
. Steadfastness and diligence
. Customer focus and compassion
. Delight in our heritage as Cornwall’s oldest charity

Objective 1 – Inspiring Futures

. Position the people we help at the centre of all we do
. Listen to and meet the needs of all visually impaired people in Cornwall
. Enable people with sight loss to pursue existing and new activities
. Advocate on behalf of the visually impaired in Cornwall

Objective 2 – Centre of Resource

. Expand and diversify our range of services
. Create a vibrant and welcoming centre accessible to all
. Focus on and develop our outreach work
. Partner collaboratively to extend services

Objective 3 – iSight Awareness

. Develop a robust and engaging fundraising ethos
. Share stories and news for all ages across all platforms
. Engage in conferences, events and education programmes
. Campaign where it matters and make our voice heard

Objective 4 – Celebrating our Volunteers

. Recognise our volunteers are the centre of all we do
. Celebrate our ambassadors with accredited awards programme
. Connect meaningfully with our members and build membership
. Shine a guiding light to encourage involvement and support for each other

Objective 5 – Charity Excellence

. Build from a board of skilled trustees
. Govern with taskforces and subcommittees and a sense of collective ownership
. Be effective and productive by organised systems, structures and processes
. Adapt and adopt a willingness for accountability and transparency

A donation, however small, can change someone's life. Thank you for your support.

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