Assistive technology

At the Resource Centre we have experts on-hand to show you all the options and help you make the perfect choice. You’ll be given personalised advice based on your specific needs and be given the opportunity to try the different equipment and software for yourself.

Using technology to improve your life

Assistive technology is the name given to a wide range of software and hardware which can make everyday gadgets and equipment accessible to someone living with visual impairment.

For example, adding speech and magnification tools to your computer or mobile phone could help you to continue or gain employment and keep in touch with friends and family more easily. Whilst having access to video magnifiers could help you enjoy your hobbies and make the most of your leisure time.

Book an appointment

You can book a free one-to-one appointment with our Assistive Technology Officer to discover which technology is right for you. You will receive personalised advice based on your needs and given the opportunity to try different equipment and software.

We also offer training, home visits and a delivery and installation service. There is a small charge for these services, so please contact us for more information.

Find out more about types of Assistive technology products

Computer software

Microsoft, Apple and Android devices have varying inbuilt settings that can magnify the contents of the screen, make information appear in high contrast and read the contents of the screen aloud. But, if this is not enough, additional software can be used such as SuperNova, Zoomtext, GUIDE and Synapptic.

Tablets and smartphones

Tablets and smartphones with built-in assistive technology are available with high contrast options, large lettering, voice control and easy navigation.

Video magnifiers

These devices come in a range of sizes, from portable ones that you can take out and about with you to desktop ones for reading books, letters or recipes etc. They can be connected to a TV, computer or come with their own screen and you have the option to increase or decrease magnification, apply high colour contrasts or in some cases have the text spoken out loud with a text reader. Examples include Monomouse, Prodigy, Clearview C, SNOW and TV-Eye.

Stand-alone text readers

Stand-alone text readers allow individuals with little or no sight to access printed materials. Examples include the SmartReader and Eye-Pal Rol.

To book a free one-to-one assessment with one of our Assistive Technology Officers please call us on 01872 261110 or email us at

Purchase Assistive technology devices

We have a selection of assistive technology devices available to purchase from our Resource Centre Shop in Truro and from our Online Store.

We also offer information on visually impaired clubs and activities in your area, advice on low vision aids and personalised advice through community events, open days and home visits.

Listen to an audio recording of our Assistive Technology service sheet here:

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