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Legacies make up a large proportion of our funding and we are grateful to everybody that has chosen to remember iSightCornwall in their Will. Legacy donations allow us to continue and expand on the services we are able to provide. You can leave a Legacy Gift in your Will, here’s how.

How To Leave A Legacy In Your Will

1.Create a list of what you own

Make a list of everything you own, this will include your estate and assets. Next, decide who you would like to become your executor (the individual appointed to carry out the terms of your Will)

2. Decide who you would like to include in your Will

For most people loved ones always come first however many individuals chose to also leave a gift to a charity like iSightCornwall.

3. Decide who will write your Will

We recommend always asking a Solicitor to write your Will. Using a Solicitor ensures that all legal formalities are carried out correctly, and your Will is written and witnessed in a valid way.

We want to make leaving a special gift as easy as possible.  If you would like further information about legacies please contact us on 01872 261110.

If you would like to learn more about Legacy Donations, please download our Legacy Leaflet:

Word Document

PDF Document

A donation, however small, can change someone's life. Thank you for your support.

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