Kat from Camborne was born with Bilateral Coloboma meaning there is a gap in the structure of both her eyes. Kat was studying for her A-Levels when she applied for funding to put towards an iMac to help her with her studies. Kat funded the rest of the cost herself.

“I wanted an iMac because the large 27 inch screen makes it easier for me to read without putting too much strain on my eyes. It also means that I don’t have to lean so close to the screen when I’m studying which is bad for my posture.

“I can now do my homework and revision whilst reading resources from the screen, which has made studying far more efficient and comfortable for me. I can also sit comfortably when I’m using the computer and can view web content in its original size without it being moved around and distorted by zooming it in. I couldn’t have done any of this before as there was a limit to what my laptop could display.

“I have noticed an immediate difference in my posture when using the computer; I’m no longer slumped over the keyboard trying to read the screen and can view digital content such as my textbooks in full size without being too close to the monitor. This has significantly reduced the amount of strain on my eyes as I don’t have to squint to focus on what I’m reading. Thank you so much for making my life much more comfortable!

“My long term aspiration is to study English at university. With the iMac I have the tools to achieve my greatest potential and progress into a career.”

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