iSightCornwall team up with RNIB and Amazon to help teenager

January 21, 2021 2:18 pm

A visually-impaired teenager and iSightCornwall client has had a boost to her college experience after receiving a brand new Amazon Fire tablet.

Daisy has just started college, inspired by her passion for animal care and horses she is taking on an equestrian course at her local institute and thanks to a recent gift she now has better resources and more accessible technology.


The 16-year-old was chosen by Cornwall’s oldest charity, iSightCornwall, to be a recipient of a brand new Amazon Fire Tablet 8HD following a donation from the RNIB and Amazon.

The new tablet is already making a difference to her academic life. Mum, Lynne, explained: “The Amazon Fire tablet has been a huge help. It allows her to make the text bigger when she is doing her coursework and all of the apps and tools mean Daisy can complete her work for college and keep it saved all in one place.

“We’re exploring the text-to-speech functions which is great for reading her textbooks on Kindle and the colour contrast options really make it easier for her to read.

“Having different apps available means her coursework is more varied and more fun to do now as she can easily add photos, videos and different types of media to her case studies.”


Daisy has also been using the Amazon Fire tablet in her down time, maximising the device’s accessibility.

Lynne said: “Daisy loves to read but often the books on audiobook apps and websites are not at the right level for Daisy as she also has Down’s Syndrome, but now she has access to Kindle through the tablet and the fact she can change the text’s contrast or have the screen magnified makes it so much easier for her.

“She can also use the tablet to listen to music and watch videos and the accessibility features mean it’s really easy for her to operate.

“I want to thank iSightCornwall for thinking of us as it really has made a world of difference and as she gets more confident using the tablet, Daisy is finding new ways in which it is a help to her both academically and personally.”


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