OrCam MyEye Available for Demonstrations

May 19, 2017 11:36 am

We are pleased to announce that the OrCam MyEye is now available for demonstration and to purchase from the Sight Centre in Truro.

The OrCam MyEye is a portable device that can be mounted onto a pair of glasses allowing visually impaired people to understand text and identify objects and individuals.

The MyEye has 3 main functions:


The device can read printed materials such as newspapers and restaurant menus as well as digital text such as television and e-mail.

Product Recognition

The device can identify new products and recognise previously entered products such as money notes and bank cards.

Face Recognition

The device can also identify the faces of individuals previously photographed with the devices built-in camera and announce their name.

At age 19, Marc Bilton (featured in the video below) was diagnosed with Retinis Pigmentosa or RP, a condition that affects around one in 4000 people globally. The condition made it extremely difficult for Marc to read or recognise faces and he retired from two professions due to his deteriorating vision.

After reading a Facebook advertisement, Marc decided to invest in the MyEye artifical vision glasses from Orcam which have drastically changed his life.

If you are interested in receiving a demonstration of the MyEye, please contact us on 01872 261110.

A donation, however small, can change someone's life. Thank you for your support.

Call us 01872 261110