#TechTuesday – Liquid Level Indicator

January 10, 2017 1:42 pm

For our latest edition of #TechTuesday our Customer Services Officer, Dom reviews the Liquid Level Indicator.

• What does the product do?

In a nutshell, the liquid level indicator sits on the corner of a cup or mug.  Two metal ‘receiver’ prongs hang into the cup/mug.  When the water reaches the two prongs an alarm will ring to tell you to stop pouring.  There is a third prong located slightly above the other prongs that can be used to detect adding milk to a beverage such as tea or coffee.

The product could also be placed on a saucepan or any similar objects that can be filled with liquid.

• Is the product easy to use?

Extremely easy, just place it on the cup, start pouring, and wait for the alarm to sound!

• Is is a high quality product?

The liquid level indicators are made of high quality materials and should have a long lifespan.

• Who is the product aimed at?

The product is designed for any visually impaired person who needs assistance when pouring liquids.

• What alternatives are available, and how do they measure up?

There are other liquid level indicators available, however to my knowledge I believe this is the only model that has both an audible alarm and a vibration setting.

• Is the product worth the money?

Yes it is great for what it does and can save the user from many nasty scalds!


The Liquid Level Indicator is available to purchase from our Online Shop.


Dominic Hall, Customer Services Officer at iSightCornwall

For more information on the Liquid Level Indicator or any of our other products, please call Dom Hall on 01872 261110.

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