#TechTuesday – W15 Talking Wristwatch

January 17, 2017 1:00 pm

For our latest edition of #TechTuesday our Customer Services Officer, Dom reviews the W15 Talking Wristwatch.


• What does the product do?

The product is a single-button, easy-to-use talking wristwatch.  The wristwatch is available with either a leather or bracelet strap.

• Is the product easy to use?

The watch is supplied with the time already set.  Simply press the single button to hear the time.

• Is is a high quality product?

For the price I believe that the watches are of high quality and should have a long lifespan.

• Who is the product aimed at?

The wristwatch is aimed at any visually impaired person who is looking for an easy-to-use talking wristwatch.

• What alternatives are the pros and cons of the product?

The wristwatch is extremely easy to use, is affordable and looks like a regular wristwatch.  You have the choice of two straps and the audible voice is loud and clear.

Unfortunately resetting the wristwatch is rather difficult and you may require the assistant of a fully sighted individual.

• What alternatives are available, and how do they measure up?

There are lots of alternatives in different styles with various price ranges.  Talking watches are available in digital and analogue format and some have radio control settings (the watch sets the time automatically via a radio signal).

Unfortunately the majority of talking watches are difficult to reset and change the time.

• Is the product worth the money?

For £30, I think the watch has a great design and is perfect for any VIP.


The W15 Talking Wristwatch is available to purchase from our Online Shop.


Dominic Hall, Customer Services Officer at iSightCornwall

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