Thelma celebrates 100!

October 24, 2023 12:48 pm

iSightCornwall member celebrates 100th birthday

An iSightCornwall member has celebrated her 100th birthday in style with dancing, cake and even some fundraising!

Townsend Village Hall was filled with music and laughter earlier this month as a celebration took place to mark Thelma Hearn’s 100th birthday. Joined by friends, family, and members of the iSightCornwall team, the centenarian even used the opportunity to help raise money for iSightCornwall by asking guests to donate to the charity in lieu of birthday presents.

Townsend Dance Club

The party took place during a meeting of the Townsend Dance Club, of which Thelma is a keen member, and she joined them in several dance numbers, all of which were led by Club Organiser, Lindsay Rodda.

In fact, Thelma’s love for dancing was symbolized in a fantastic birthday cake made by club volunteer Sharon Miles who recreated Thelma dancing in cake form. If the cake wasn’t enough there was also a lovely buffet for partygoers to enjoy including some homemade scones and Welsh cakes brought by members of the club.

The Secret to reaching 100

When asked for the secret to reaching 100, Thelma said: “Just keep going, don’t sit down all day but keep active. Dancing has helped me, it keeps the body and the mind healthy, and it keeps me young!”

Thelma even used the occasion to help raise money for other people with sight loss in Cornwall, asking for donations to iSightCornwall instead of gifts and thanks to her generosity, a total of £80 was raised.

Carole Theobald

iSightCornwall Chief Executive, Carole Theobald, attended the party and led the toast thanking Thelma for her kind decision and wishing her a happy 100th birthday.

Speaking after the event, Carole said: “I would like to wish Thelma a wonderful birthday and thank her for not only inviting us to her lovely party but also making the decision to fundraise for iSightCornwall. We are so grateful to every single person who donates but having the support of our clients and members is particularly heartwarming.”

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