Daily Living Aids

Our wide selection of daily living aids are products designed to make everyday living easier for visually impaired people.

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  • Two A4 thick lined paper with large print notepads. A pen rests on the top pad.

    A4 Lined Note Pads

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  • A strip of sticky, self-adhesive bumpons.


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  • A white light with a base and a folding hinge stands next to a box which reads Twist 2

    Daylight Twist 2 Portable Lamp in White

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  • Large print keyboard stickers in yellow and black.

    Large Print Keyboard Stickers

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  • The Liquid Level Indicator.

    Liquid Level Indicator

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  • The red, non-spill mug.

    No Spill Mug

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  • A bright red plate guard attached to a white plate.

    Plate Guard

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  • A black iSightCornwall branded signature guide.

    Signature Guide

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  • A white button on a black base, in the shape of a hockey puck.

    Talking Button Clock

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  • The talking keychain.

    Talking Keychain

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