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August 7, 2019 12:53 pm

In our shop, you will find all the latest gadgets designed to help those with visual impairments while at home or out and about. With their wide range of knowledge, our Assistive Technology team has selected three of our latest products that they believe deserve ‘a shouting about’ to help you make the right decision on which products will suit you best.

Mercury Pocket Voice

Whether you enjoy reading the newspaper, a magazine or just need help with reading out literature, the Mercury Pocket Voice is a portable device that can be used in and out of the home. This device simply looks like a smartphone, however, it only uses the processing power of a phone. The Mercury Pocket Voice is a device that reads out literature either placed underneath its fold away stand, or from a distance through its photographic abilities. The Mercury’s 5.5inch screen makes it easy to take with you wherever you go, in a handbag or even a pocket.

A hybrid between an electronic video magnifier and a ‘scan-and read’ device, the Mercury is the only one of its kind that works on voice control. Priced at £695, similar devices tend to be larger, not as portable and more expensive. The power button is the only button you will find on this device, solely run through its touch screen or voice activation. This means you can simply say “change colour” to flick through many of its coloured texts and backgrounds, or “make smaller” and “make bigger” to zoom in and out of the screen. The Mercury can also read out literature taken from a photo at a distance. If you would like a demonstration of the Mercury Pocket voice email us at or call on 01872 261110.

LogicLight Keyboard Lamp

It is important to have the correct lighting when it comes to using your computer or laptop, some lights around the home can be too soft to use a keyboard with ease. The LogicLight Keyboard Lamp plugs into any keyboard or laptop with a USB port, allowing you use your desktop or laptop in any setting and light condition. It has a slim and flexible arm that can be adjusted to find the right position that works for you without getting in the way of the screen. You also have the ability to reach any direction of light with a twistable head. At £35, this lamp contains 10 LED bulbs so is guaranteed to last. Tap the end to turn on, adjust between the two brightness settings and off again, making it simple and straightforward to use. If connected to a laptop it doesn’t use up much power, so it won’t drain your device’s battery life.

Geemarc Clamshell phone

Mobile phones are becoming more and more advanced and complicated to use, but the Geemarc Clamshell phone couldn’t be simpler, making sure it has all the functions you may need at the click of a button. This mobile device has large, tactile buttons that are segregated and a backlight to allow you to see the buttons in any lighting, it also reads out each button as you type. With a simple flip-up, flip-down function to accept and end a call, there is no need to search for unnecessary buttons.

At £75, this phone has a larger screen than other similar phones and features white text on a black ground. The menu is made up of large pictograms rather than words to easily find each item on-screen. Other functions include an Emergency SOS button on the back which will continuously call 5 selected contacts until one answers, and a charging station rather than a charging plug for ease of connection.

Most of the devices from our Sight Centre in Truro can be found in our online shop, however, if you would like a free demonstration or to inquire about a device that we don’t supply in our online shop please contact us. Our Assistive Technology team will be on hand and happy to answer all of your questions.

Email us or phone us on 01872 261110.

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